Cut the Competition Down to Size with Location Based Mobile Marketing

More than 75% of smartphone users make use of location based services to gain information about businesses near their location. The exercise includes reviews of businesses, getting directions, calling the business and using the businesses’ mobile app. The objective of location based marketing via mobile devices is to encourage these read more


Mobile Marketing: How to Build Your List Using Simple Marketing Strategies

Here is a scenario to consider. Say you sent out a direct mail letter and 95% of the people who received it opened it and read it within 5 minutes. And say that those who responded to the letter did so in about 90 seconds. So what would you do? read more


Guaranteed Ways to Lose Money with Mobile Marketing

There’s money to be made with mobile marketing. And forward thinking businesses are raking in the dough and registering double-digit growth in customer acquisitions through mobile marketing. But for every success story, there are tales of companies generating an average to downright disappointing response to their mobile marketing campaigns. What is read more