Why ROI is, Literally, the Last Metric for Evaluating Your Content-Marketing Plan

It is no secret that not just any content will succeed in online marketing. ROI is literally, the last metric for evaluating your content-marketing plan. Your content must engage your readers, increase brand awareness and improve your bottom line. In the past, many companies simply threw some keyword-rich content on their read more


5 Rules for Using Push Technology to Your Advantage

If you are not using push technology to your advantage, chances are you’re missing an opportunity to reach your target audience. Email, though not obsolete, is so passé. With spam filters capturing many email marketing messages, and due to the sheer volume of emails received, many consumers are now immune read more


Mobile Marketing, the Unstoppable Game Changer for Entrepreneurs

Over the past couple of years, mobile marketing has emerged as the game changer for businesses and consumers around the world. Related statistics present an impressive picture and lend credence to the assertion. The stats outlined below are key indicators of the direction the market is moving – trends that read more