Are These Factors Breaking Your B2B Content Marketing Budget

Over the past few years, content marketing has been steadily getting an increased share of the B2B marketing budget pie. Why? Because consumers have an appetite for it and marketers have tasted success with content marketing. There’s no mistaking that content marketing delivers more exposure, leads, revenue, and adds to read more


The Connection Between Your Website Design and Conversion Rates

For any online business, the one single metric that overrides all others in significance is conversion rate. Conversion rates mean business and you need to get a few things right before visitors begin to convert; these include content, SEO, social media, advertising, and website design. Let’s start by understanding the role read more


6 Reasons to Showcase the Human Side of Your Business on Social Media

Showcasing the human side of your business on social media pays, it gets you business and that is why businesses do it. In fact, at a basic level it is simply an extension of the idea that content has to be created primarily for a human audience and then for read more