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3 Ways to Create Customer Experiences That Boost Sales

While it is always important for businesses to provide high quality products and services, customers frequently remember the details related to their customer experience far better than the actual product or service that they purchased. Even little details can enhance their overall experience and make a difference in terms of read more


Why Lead Generation Remains a Challenge in a Mobile World

According to a recent report released by 360 Leads, lead generation remains the most significant challenge facing companies today. The report indicated that while more than 78 percent of organizations have engaged in lead generation programs throughout last year, only about 17 percent of these companies are actually meeting their read more


5 Ways to Build Trust With Your Company’s Online Audience

  Trust is undeniably the most valuable aspect in a relationship. A blog orcompany site that’s trusted will receive more visitors, build an audience faster, develop a brand and possibly become more profitable. But trust has to be earned. Those running their own blog might benefit from projecting a persona that people can read more


The Ultimate Email Marketing Strategy for a Small Business in 7 Steps

Email marketing was already old before social media marketing came of age. It’s a testimony to the efficacy of this mode that this continues to be an important channel for millions of small businesses. Email marketing lists are considered priceless and businesses go to great lengths to develop and maintain them read more


Do Your Marketing Messages Target the Right Personas?

Targeted marketing makes the difference between a message that hits home and one lost in the cacophony of noise on the interwebs. But to whom do you target your messages? Why, to the proper buyer personas, of course. Breaking up your audience into persona types lets you reach out to customers where they read more


5 Steps to a Healthy Bottom Line through Improved Conversions

A time-tested marketing adage is that gaining new customers is way more expensive than retaining old ones. With ecommerce, more conversions mean a better shot at customer retention – converting customers into repeat customers. Data and an understanding of a customer’s requirements acquired during the lead generation and lead nurturing read more