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An Effective Digital Marketing Strategy Starts With Knowing Your Customers and Your Goals

As digital marketing continues to expand, it has become more important than ever for companies to learn how to succeed. According to a report published by Ascend2, lack of effective strategies remains the most significant obstacle to succeeding in digital marketing. The report went on to indicate that 51 percent read more


How to Enchant Millennials with Your Marketing Message

Millennials, the generation of individuals born between 1980 and 2000, wield tremendous buying power. As such, this generation holds massive influence when it comes to marketing. If your marketing department is not focused on developing a millennial-based marketing strategy, you may already be behind the competition. By number, millennials represent read more


Can’t Find Time for Social Media? These Tools Can Help

According to Social Media Today, the most common reasons cited by many small businesses for not taking advantage of social media is simply not having enough time. This is a common conundrum faced by many businesses today. Operating a business of any size often requires working in excess of 80 read more


Guaranteed Ways to Lose Money with Mobile Marketing

There’s money to be made with mobile marketing. And forward thinking businesses are raking in the dough and registering double-digit growth in customer acquisitions through mobile marketing. But for every success story, there are tales of companies generating an average to downright disappointing response to their mobile marketing campaigns. What is read more


What You Need to Know to Leverage the Future of Digital Marketing

The evidence pointing toward the emergence of consumers making the shift to mobile seems to mount with each passing day. According to data released by Gartner, downloads of mobile apps will increase to 268 million by 2017. Those downloads will generate a revenue exceeding $77 billion. Still not convinced that mobile read more


Mobile Marketing, the Unstoppable Game Changer for Entrepreneurs

Over the past couple of years, mobile marketing has emerged as the game changer for businesses and consumers around the world. Related statistics present an impressive picture and lend credence to the assertion. The stats outlined below are key indicators of the direction the market is moving – trends that read more


The Ultimate Email Marketing Strategy for a Small Business in 7 Steps

Email marketing was already old before social media marketing came of age. It’s a testimony to the efficacy of this mode that this continues to be an important channel for millions of small businesses. Email marketing lists are considered priceless and businesses go to great lengths to develop and maintain them read more


Do Your Marketing Messages Target the Right Personas?

Targeted marketing makes the difference between a message that hits home and one lost in the cacophony of noise on the interwebs. But to whom do you target your messages? Why, to the proper buyer personas, of course. Breaking up your audience into persona types lets you reach out to customers where they read more