Social Media Marketing

Traditional marketing really centered around the idea that your company needs to get their name, products and services placed in front of customers in as positive a way as possible.  This was a great strategy for many years, and in some instances it can still be a good investment. Social media marketing, however, has really taken this concept and flipped it around. By harnessing the power of social media, brands are now able to get customers to seek them out, and read any advertising or marketing material that is posted on top social networks.

There are many different social media platforms, each offering slightly different ways for companies and customers to interact. Facebook and Google+, for example, allow customers to ‘like’ a company, which will result in the company’s status updates and other posts to be displayed directly to those customers. Twitter operates in much the same way, but is more limited in the length of the message that can be written, allowing for a much more rapid paced conversation. Each of these networks are designed to be a fairly casual way for individuals and groups (including businesses) to interact.

Of course, there are other major social networks such as LinkedIn, Pinterest, Vine and others, which each provide unique ways of interacting with existing and potential customers. Choosing which social networks to use for marketing will depend largely on the type of business. Of course, it is also possible to use all the major social networks for marketing.

The Importance of Social Media Marketing

People today are spending a significant portion of their day connected to their favorite social networks. In addition, fewer people than ever are actually watching television commercials, reading newspapers or magazines, or listening to the radio. Companies that still use these older forms of advertising will continue to find that they aren’t getting nearly the return on investment that they are used to.

With social media marketing, however, a company doesn’t have to pay tens of thousands of dollars just to blast out their advertisement to anyone who might happen to be watching. Instead, they can target very specific individuals, based on who their most likely customers will be. This allows brands to get extremely high returns on investment, if, of course, their marketing campaign is well run.

Customer Loyalty Leads to Business Success

When a company has fiercely loyal customers, they will not only have the ability to make more money during the good times, but they can also thrive through difficult events. Businesses using social media marketing are really able to put a face to the company, rather than customers simply viewing it as a soulless corporation. When customers feel a connection with a business, they are much more likely to forgive mistakes, and even provide valuable insight into the products and services being offered.

On that note, it is important to mention that social media marketing is a two way street. Brands can easily put important messages and advertisements out in front of their customers, but unlike traditional marketing, customers can respond directly to the company. They can let them know what they like about the products or services being offered, and what they aren’t so happy with. helps to ensure the company can adapt and adjust to stay in line with the desires of their customers. Without this communication, businesses will often struggle to keep up with the demand of customers, leaving an opening for competition to lure them away.