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Why Social Media Buzz Is Not Enough to Build Customer Loyalty

In today’s social media-laden world, significant emphasis is often placed on social media buzz.While it is important to develop a presence on social media platforms, social media buzz alone is not enough to build and retain customer loyalty. Buzz is great for attracting new customers, but in order to keep read more


Are you Driving Away your Customers with Too Much Social Media?

In the last few years, social media has become increasingly vital to any successful marketing campaign. Companies are told repeatedly that they must create social media accounts and engage their customers to say ahead of the competition. While social media engagement is important to understanding consumer behavior, in some instances read more


Why Lead Generation Remains a Challenge in a Mobile World

According to a recent report released by 360 Leads, lead generation remains the most significant challenge facing companies today. The report indicated that while more than 78 percent of organizations have engaged in lead generation programs throughout last year, only about 17 percent of these companies are actually meeting their read more


6 Reasons to Showcase the Human Side of Your Business on Social Media

Showcasing the human side of your business on social media pays, it gets you business and that is why businesses do it. In fact, at a basic level it is simply an extension of the idea that content has to be created primarily for a human audience and then for read more