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How to Use Mobile Marketing to Generate Leads

Mobile marketing has completely revolutionized the world of marketing. Brands have rapidly discovered that mobile websites are no longer a luxury but a necessity. While mobile marketing can include a variety of aspects, ultimately it means that users are able to enjoy a completely optimized, seamless experience on all their devices. Basically, read more


5 Tips for Boosting your Mobile Marketing Platform

Consumers are using their mobile devices as their preferred platform for reviewing products and making purchases. If you are a bit behind in your mobile strategy, there has never been a better time to focus on this area of your marketing and ensure that your brand is positioned to be read more


There Is Still Time to Prepare Your Mobile Marketing Strategy for 2015

Is your brand’s mobile marketing strategy ready for 2015? If not, it is time to begin preparing. According to MarketingProfs, mobile usage in the United States finally surpassed that of desktop use this year. The report went on to state that 60 percent of digital media time was spent on read more


Mobile Marketing: How to Build Your List Using Simple Marketing Strategies

Here is a scenario to consider. Say you sent out a direct mail letter and 95% of the people who received it opened it and read it within 5 minutes. And say that those who responded to the letter did so in about 90 seconds. So what would you do? read more


Guaranteed Ways to Lose Money with Mobile Marketing

There’s money to be made with mobile marketing. And forward thinking businesses are raking in the dough and registering double-digit growth in customer acquisitions through mobile marketing. But for every success story, there are tales of companies generating an average to downright disappointing response to their mobile marketing campaigns. What is read more


What You Need to Know to Leverage the Future of Digital Marketing

The evidence pointing toward the emergence of consumers making the shift to mobile seems to mount with each passing day. According to data released by Gartner, downloads of mobile apps will increase to 268 million by 2017. Those downloads will generate a revenue exceeding $77 billion. Still not convinced that mobile read more


5 Rules for Using Push Technology to Your Advantage

If you are not using push technology to your advantage, chances are you’re missing an opportunity to reach your target audience. Email, though not obsolete, is so passé. With spam filters capturing many email marketing messages, and due to the sheer volume of emails received, many consumers are now immune read more


Mobile Marketing, the Unstoppable Game Changer for Entrepreneurs

Over the past couple of years, mobile marketing has emerged as the game changer for businesses and consumers around the world. Related statistics present an impressive picture and lend credence to the assertion. The stats outlined below are key indicators of the direction the market is moving – trends that read more